Foreign Language Proficiency Test: «Krok 1. Medicine»


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The manual presents materials for classroom and extracurricular preparation for examination in the English language for professional purposes, which is a part of the first stage of the USQE for recipients of higher education in the field of knowledge 22 «Healthcare»: a grammar reference book, which systematizes the syntactic constructions widely used in the «Krok 1. Medicine» booklets; training and control lexical and grammatical exercises designed to improve relevant skills in the «Krok 1» linguistic material; test tasks; answers to some exercises for self-check; keys for tests; a short English-Ukrainian dictionary; 6 appendixes.
For recipients of higher education at the second (master’s) level and academic staff of higher educational institutions, providing training for specialists in the specialties 222 «Medicine» and 228 «Pediatrics».