Human Anatomy. The Definitive Visual Guide (444475)


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Get unspoilt views and explanations of the human body’s inner-workings with this anatomy guide’s clear and detailed CGI artworks. The body’s structure is revealed using spectacular anatomical illustrations, making it easy to find and focus on specific organs or systems. Learn the key information on features such as tissues, cells, DNA, and genes. Each chapter then takes you through the body’s systems — including the digestive system, skeletal system, nervous system, endocrine system, and more. Jump into this book for a specific question you may have, using its clear and organised structure, or travel through the book as each system is displayed in full and then broken down into sections with larger views and simple annotations. The combination of clear imagery and simple text from Professor Alice Roberts makes Human Anatomy an approachable guide to those interested in learning more about the human body or the perfect reference for students of the subject.