Laser A1+. Workbook with Key Pack (+ Audio CD)


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Уровень: A1/Beginner.Комплектация: рабочая тетрадь с ответами с диском.Категория: средняя и старшая школа.Рабочая тетрадь обеспечивает отработку материала, представленного в Книге для учащегося. Аудиодиск к Рабочей тетради содержит дополнительные задания по развитию умений в аудировании. Содержание заданий в Рабочей тетради разработано так, чтобы учащиеся смогли самостоятельно их выполнять в качестве домашней работы.A lively, motivating and interesting Al+-level book specifically designed with teenagers in mind, Laser A1+ provides comprehensive coverage of the grammar, vocabulary and skills required at A1+ level as well as focusing regularly on exam-type tasks.Laser A1+ features: Fourteen interesting and engaging topic-based units. Lexical and grammatical syllabus based on the A1+ level of the Council of Europe`s Common European Framework of Reference. Comprehensive coverage and development of core reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Wordpower! sections covering topic-based vocabulary, collocations, phrasal verbs and word formation. Phrase Bank! sections presenting functional phrases and expressions. SoundSpot sections clarifying emphasis and stress patterns. Language Lab sections explaining different writing requirements and techniques. Revision sections after every two units. Fourteen detailed and structured writing planners, including space for students`own notes. Comprehensive databases covering grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing, for students`reference. Further reading and listening practice in the Workbook. A page-faithful Digibook version of the Student`s Book. Student`s CD-ROM with unit-specific exercises to reinforce the grammar and lexical material. Teacher`s DVD-ROM with unit and term tests as well as a final test, a Test Generator and a series of teacher-related videos.