The Great Battles: 50 Key Battles from the Ancient World to the Present Day. Giles MacDonogh


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Military conflict has had a decisive influence in shaping our world. The Great Battles is a superbly produced introduction to those clashes that have altered the course of history. Each battle is treated to a concise narrative essay, and illustrated throughout with informative and elegant maps showing location, troop movements and topographical details. Battles covered include: Meggido (1500BC); Thermopylae (480BC); Salamis (480BC); Peloponnese campaigns (431-404BC); Chaeronea (338BC); Cannae (216BC); Pharsalus (48BC); Teutoburg Forest (9AD); Sack of Rome (410); Catalaunian Plains (451); Hastings (1066); Antioch (1098); Poitiers (1356); Agincourt (1415); Siege of Orleans (1429); Golden Horn (1453); Battle of Nieuport (1600); Lutter am Barenberg (1626); Breitenfeld (1631); Marston Moor (1644); Blenheim (1704); Ramillies (1706); Laufeldt (1747); Plassey (1757); Leuthen (1757); Quebec (1759); Austerlitz (1805); Auerstadt (1808); Borodino (1812); Waterloo (1815); Calatafimi (1860);… ISBN:978-1849164900